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Boating Re-imagined

About Us

Our company was founded with a team of boat enthusiasts. With a long established industry practice, we design, manufacture and assemble our boats.

While we maintain the quality with the European Union standards (CE certificate and compliance), we strive to offer the most attractive pricing in the market.

Our secret is simple: We do the job ourselves and avoid any commission and heavy marketing costs to our customers. We manufacture in our own factory, and deliver the product to you directly.

Elegant and modern livery.

Its most recent dynamic lines provide thrilling performance as well as efficient space optimization.


Sloep 500

You can choose from more than 100 color options. The special colors you choose in the color chart are free and included in the standard equipment.

Pilothouse 770

Family 700

R39 Supersport

Your Dream Has No Limit.

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